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Schools and Communities 

CISLA is in 15 Los Angeles Unified School District Schools across 5 Los Angeles communities.  Each of these communities has a beautiful history and cultural nuances that make them unique. Yet most of them - particularly Boyle heights, South LA and Watts - have been impacted by historic housing, food injustice, and health redlining practices and those remnants are felt – especially within the schools. 

South LA 

Clinton Middle School

Santee Education Complex

107th St. Elementary School

99th St. Elementary School

Pico Union/Westlake 

John Liechty Middle School

Belmont High School

Boyle Heights 

Hollenbeck Middle School

Mendez High School

Stevenson Middle School

West LA

Mark Twain Middle School

Webster Middle School

Hamilton High School


Grape St. Elementary School

Markham Middle School

Jordan High School

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